How do you manage social media? (and keep a day job)

by courtesy of @gapingvoid

Craig Rosenberg of the Focus communities (Focus is a private company in San Francisco in business research and media)  in the USA, in which I also participate, asked the community, a few days ago, how they manage social media, while being able to do their day to day job.

This is an issue that raises a lot of discussion in offices today. I have recently heard of organisations, here in Athens, that have banned access of their staff to social media on company computers, others that allow it only from a dedicated computer at fixed times for authorized staff, and still others that not only allow it, but encourage staff to do corporate communications through their personal social media networks.

As the use of social media in offices starts to raise interest in Greece, I wonder what is your opinion on the use of social media for  corporate or non-profit organization purposes. Also the question that comes next is who should be entrusted with social media the Human Relations Function, the General Management function, the Marketing, the Chairman’s secretary, who else? Should an external consultant be contracted/hired to this purpose?

Now, if you would like to see what I have answered to Craig Rosenberg you can click here




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