I #LoveTwitterCommunities

How far can a tweet reach? How fast can a tweet reach?

These were questions that I was thinking about when I started very cautiously tweeting end 2008, as I was not very sure about it and what it could achieve. When later I experienced the power the 140 characters have, I became an adept! For a reason, since I learnt a lot, met a lot of interesting people, whom I would hardly have the opportunity to meet or hear of..

My interests in twitter evolve around health and cancer care and I am a member of online communities with the same interests. We met with @colleen_young (aka Colleen Young, a multi-talented Canadian lady) on line and we share common interests.

Last Monday, Colleen shouted on twitter that she needs assistance for a Romanian breast cancer patient. She wanted to know about breast cancer patient organizations in Romania. Michi Endemman, aka @MichiEndemman, another online and offline friend, told her to eventually contact me.

1. Colleen Young ‏@colleen_young 1h
#bcsm Does anyone know of breast cancer support groups in Romanian? I have a friend in need.

2. Michi Endemann ‏@MichiEndemann 1h
@kgapo ? RT @colleen_young: #bcsm Does anyone know of breast cancer support groups in Romanian? I have a friend in need.

4:05 PM – 21 Jul 2014 

Colleen tweeted me, I saw her tweet, checking my timeline and I answered immediately

3. Colleen Young ‏@colleen_young 1h  Thanks @MichiEndemann. Kathi @kgapo, where could I start looking for breast cancer support groups in Romanian. Any tips? #bcsm #hcsmeu

4. Kathi Apostolidis ‏@kgapo 38m
@colleen_young of course, there are several members of @cancereu in Romania! our Director is Romanian too! will mail you @MichiEndemann

5. Colleen Young ‏@colleen_young 30m
@kgapo Thank you! @cancereu @MichiEndemann

Then, I mailed, Mihaela Militaru, our Director at ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition (@cancereu), who happens to be Romanian, she wrote back to Colleen and me and she took over.

In the meantime, @myESMO (ESMO-European Society of Medical Oncology) also saw Colleen’s tweet and suggested to contact Romanian Soc. of Radiotherapy & Medical Oncology

6. Eur. Oncology @myESMO • 18h

Dear @colleen_young, best to contact Romanian Soc. of Radiotherapy & Medical Oncology who should be able to help http://www.srrom.ro/

Colleen thanked us and all #bcsm (on line breast cancer social media community) who offered tips and wrote back to Mihaela and me that she will get the data of the patient and will send them to us at ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition – http://www.ecpc.org – @cancereu).

7. Colleen Young @colleen_young • 15h
. @kgapo @cancereu Thank you for responding to my call for help so quickly. I’ll connect you with the person in need.

8.  Alicia C. Staley ‏@stales 17h
HEY #BCSM —> RT @colleen_young: #bcsm Does anyone know of breast cancer support groups in Romanian? I have a friend in need.

9. Colleen Young ‏@colleen_young 14h
Thank you @stales & #bcsm. @kgapo & @MichiEndemann put me in touch with @cancereu to connect w/ support in Romania. #LoveTwitterCommunities

An hour ago, one week after the above tweets exchange, a mail came to my inbox from Romania with the details of the patient. Miheala already confirmed she will call the patient …

Mihaela will finish this story on how a tweet for call for assistance from Canada via Austria-Greece-Belgium reached the patient in Romania…

I #LoveTwitterCommunities!


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